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Compact Basic series

Compact basic

The Compact basic is the entry level product, it handles wooden framed mattresses, “Scandinavian style”, from 90×200 up to 160×200 or the slatted frame for basic when using a common mattress.

Product number: 50520

Compact basic fold legs

The Compact basic fold legs is based on the compact basic but includes a set of legs the can be folded in manually to gain height underneath while in the ceiling.
The legs are folded out automatically when the bed is moved towards the floor. It also comes with a full coun-terweight magazine.

Product number: 50530

Compact series

Compact 90

The Compact 90 is the smallest size of the more exclusive range, for example used as a regular single bed or as an extra bed among other applications.

Product number: 50500

Compact 140

The Compact 140 is a small double bed or a spacious bed for single use of the more exclusive range.

Product number: 50510

Compact Queen

The Compact Queen is a double bed US size 60×80” of the more exclusive range. This size is called “King” in UK and other markets and 150×200 cm works fine. It has, compared to the Compact 140, a load carrying beam in the middle of the bed bottom to use a slatted frame that needs support in the middle.

Product number: 50550

Compact 180

The Compact 180 is the top of the line. In fact it is two Compact 90 fixed together and run-ning all parallel.
It uses 90×200 slat frames and mattresses, a 180×200 single piece topper is possible to use.

Product number: 2x 50500

Extras & Options

Slatted frame for basic

For the Compact basic series you need either a wooden framed mattress, “Scandinavia style”, or this slatted frame.
The size is 140×200 and it is delivered in two pieces to handle narrow hallways. It comes with fixed, non in-foldable legs but if you have bought a Compact basic fold legs this frame has fixings for the foldable legs. This frame also has fixings to hold boards covering the wooden slats from underneath. Boards are not included.

Product number: 50560

Second Post (SP)

The Second post is an option for those who prefer a more guided movement prior to appearance.
It is also helpful if the long side of the bed is close to a wall or furniture as well as for commercial use.
It can be mounted to the left or the right side of the main post and works for both Compact and Compact basic.

Product number: 50540

Extra weight package

The Extra weight package is an option for Compact basic and Compact 90, to lift heavier mattresses and gives another 24 kg. The other already comes with the full amount and cannot be upgraded.

Product number: 10500


BEDAWAY for compact City Flats

The small city flat is a perfect application for this system, allowing the customer to have a high quality bed without needing the space for it.

Compared to alternative solutions, BEDAWAY saves more space and is more convenient over the years due to the easy access. No straps or moving around pillows and blankets – just pull the BEDAWAY down when needed and push it back up to the ceiling in the morning.

BEDAWAY for Vacation Apartments

This is an application where many people live under the same roof. By elevating the beds during the day the apartment will be much more spacious.

The extra floor area is very welcome if the weather does not allow outside activities or if the guests want to be inside for other reasons.

For the apartment agencies or owners this means increased profit due to the fact that the same apartment can hold more people.

BEDAWAY for the Hotel Business

To maximize the number of guests is of course one of every hotels goals.

BEDAWAY makes it possible to have another full quality bed in a room that usually does not have the space for it.

Housekeeping does not need to carry around extra beds, and the guests can use the spacious room until it is time to sleep. The sleep comfort for the guest is not reduced as with a regular extra bed.

In the morning the Hotel guest can easily send the bed up to the ceiling and have a spacious room again during the day.

BEDAWAY as an extra Bed in the private house

Space may not be the most common issue in the private house but extra beds for guests is a good application for BEDAWAY.

Sometimes there are Rooms with combined function and having an easy access bed in the ceiling gives space to the room when it is used for the main activity such as working or playing.

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