How it works

BEDAWAY is simple and easy to use for all ages.

The Mechanism

All BEDAWAYs work with a counterweight

Manual movement may not be so high tech at a first glance but in return the solution is very reliable over the years and maintenance free.

Electrical movement also take much longer time, due to safety and when you need the bed it is annoying to wait while the electrical motor slowly sends it to the floor.

Counterweight makes it easy to use, much faster and will work every day for many years to come.

The product does not require any modification for a specific installation.
This means that you can move it to another room or sell it, as long as the new room meets the technical requirements for mounting – which is a very good feature for this kind of investment.

Technical appearance

With cool Scandinavian design

It is possible to mount Bedaway in the middle of the room or close to a wall, and the product does not need any fixings to the wall. The most com-mon is to mount it close to a wall and fix it in the wall just above the floor. If there is no wall you need the second post option.

All weight of the solution is standing on the floor and there is no vertical load transmitted to the ceiling, only sideways (horizontal).

The post is fully telescopic, without steps, from 2.25m up to 3.25m in ceiling height.

The reason for using only one post is aesthetic – that is, the “technical appearance” is minimized. For those who prefer a more guided movement there is a second post as an option.

Safety first

Child safe &
Easy to use

There is a child safety lock as standard, it can be switched off if the function is not needed to speed up the access to the bed even more.

If the safety lock is on, it latches automatically when bed is sent to upper position and you need to activate a lever before pulling it down.

The counterweight is adjustable with loose weights to suit your choice of Bed, please see technical specifications for maximum bed weight.

The basic models offers the same main function but with reduced appearance, not all automatic legs and less height underneath the bed while in the ceiling. Also, the mattress types differs, please see technical specifications.

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