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What do I need to check before buying?

Bedaway products are a bit technical and before buying you must check following 4 items, mandatory to install
in your home.
 The ceiling height, within 2.25m to 3.25m.
 The mattress weight and size, please see specifications in the catalogue.
 The possibility to mount in the ceiling, contact your dealer or craftsman if you are unsure.
 That the Bedaway will not interfere with any structural, doors, windows or other blocking the movement
for either the Bedaway or the other.

Does BEDAWAY need service?

No, in general it is maintenance free. The chains will benefit from some lubrication every second year or so, though.

How long will the product last?

It is designed for daily use over 30 years.

Do I need a special Mattress?

No, but there are some limitations, please take a look under technical specifications.

Can I bring the product with me if I move?

Yes, nothing on Bedaway is adapted to a specific room, so it is possible to demount the product and move it, and install at a different location.

Will it be ugly wholes left when removing BEDAWAY?

There will be holes, three in the ceiling and two at the bottom of the wall (or down in the floor), all of them around 10mm in diameter and possible to conceal for a handy person.

Can it go/fall down by itself?

No, it is locked in the upper position (if the child safety lock is turned on). Even if child safety lock is turned off, the friction will make sure the product stays in the position where you leave it, as long as you make sure that counterweight is correctly adjusted (must stay if dropped half the way down to the floor, otherwise overloaded).

My floor is tilting, is than an issue?

BEDAWAY compact is equipped with adjustment possibilities, taking care of the accuracy to the floor regarding landing, as long as the difference that needs to be adjusted for is in the range of few centimeters. If the difference is rather close to 5 cm or more, you may need to adjust the floor.

I have 2.3m in Ceiling height, is that enough?

With that height you will have around 1.86 m under the bed (less with basic), which is less than our recommendation for rooms where predomi-nantly used by adults. In a children’s room it may be alright, though. Standard height varies around the world, but as a rough rule: think twice if you install Bedaway lower than a doorway.
Over 2.6m gives you plenty of height underneath, please also see technical specifications.

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