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How BEDAWAY started
and our values and benefits today.

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How we started

In 2002 the founder of Bedaway got the idea, a combined function of what his father made for his model train in the childhood (send a model train platform to the ceiling) and a market need for space saving solutions. The first products were only sold and installed in Stockholm, Sweden.

We saw a market need for such a solution, people tend to live on smaller spaces, globally. Products like a wall bed, already in the market for many years, have downsides like time consuming to use and do not save as much space as Bedaway does.

Bedaway is made in EU by multiple sub-suppliers. The parts are made by the right manufacturers in different countries and shipped to another factory for final assembly. Every Bedaway is assembled in steps and finally packed in a large box for being sent to any destination.

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Our values and benefits

What are the values of Bedaway as a brand? Customer oriented, environmental friendly, to take responsibility and be entrepreneurial. This to be able to offer the market the ”ceiling bed for the people”, functional and durable at an affordable cost.

Main benefits? Bedaway saves more space, is faster to use and easy to install and reinstall.

Bedaway is sold to Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Serbia, Austria and Russia.

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