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Send the bed to the ceiling and enjoy a spacious room during the day

BEDAWAY is the best space saving combined with the fastest access and
retained sleep comfort.

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97% Space saving

When suspending the bed to the ceiling the only thing left taking space is the neat counterweight.

Fast, 4 second access to the bed

After a short practice you can move the bed up or down in 4 seconds, almost like having the bed already in place, this is very convenient when used every day.

Durable due to powered by a counterweight

Electric powered products break after some time, a counterweight last forever and works even if you are out of electricity.

Handles high quality mattress

Bedaway can be equipped with a mattress of your choice giving highest sleep comfort.

2.25m to 3.25m, ceiling height step less

As long as your ceiling height is within the interval and you can install. Please also note it must be possible to fix in the ceiling.

Possible to demount and reinstall, a second hand value

No changes or modifications are made for a specific install. This means Bedaway can be demounted and installed on another location or sold.

BEDAWAY fits for anyone

Compact basic

The Compact basic is the entry level product, it handles wooden framed mattresses, “Scandinavian style”, from 90×200 up to 160×200 or the slatted frame for basic when using a common mattress.

Compact 90-180

The Compact 90 is the smallest size of the more exclusive range, for example used as a regular single bed or as an extra bed among other applications.

The Compact 140 is a small double bed or a spacious bed for single use of the more exclusive range.

The Compact 180 is the top of the line. In fact it is two Compact 90 fixed together and run-ning all parallel.
It uses 90×200 slat frames and mattresses, a 180×200 single piece topper is possible to use.

Compact Queen

The Compact queen is a double bed US size 60×80” of the more exclusive range. This size is called “King” in UK and other markets and 150×200 cm works fine. It has, compared to the Compact 140, a load carrying beam in the middle of the bed bottom to use a slatted frame that needs support in the middle.

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